Chore Charts: Teaching Responsibilities and Be Smart with Money

Creating a chore chart is fun way to teach kids responsibilities. Kids now feel that they’re entitled to things and instead of giving our daughter an allowance, she earns or work for it. I read “Smart Money Smart Kids” by Dave Ramsey and his daughter Rachel Cruze, and he said to call it a “commission” not allowance. Lesson is, in order to make money, you have to earn it. This teaches them to understand the value of money and appreciate the things that they have early on. If they want something, they need to learn to save for it. When they can afford to buy it, it will be an accomplishment for them rather than an entitlement. Be sure to pay them as soon a the job is complete, so they have the immediate connection between the work they done and the money that you’ve given to them. 

Here’s a sample of the one we created for our little one. It seems a bit much, but instead of reminding her daily, it’s her duty to check off her list. So… hopefully, once she earns her “commission” and turns it in for her time of use of technology, maybe she’ll be more creative with her spending and learn to save or make better investments… 🙂


Free printable chore charts here.

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