Did you Noh? There are 8 Types of Cookies

Did you know there are 8 different types of cookies? YES, there is! It’s based on how the dough is handled.

Type 1: Bar Cookies

Bar cookie batter or other ingredients that are poured or pressed into a rectangular pan (sometimes in multiple layers), then baked and cut into individual-sized squares such as brownies, blondies, and lemon bars are examples of bar cookies.

Type 2: Drop Cookies

This is the most common. Soft dough is dropped by the spoonful onto the baking sheet. During baking, the mounds of dough spread and flatten. Chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal cookies and macaroons (not macarons) are examples of drop cookies.

Type 3: Molded Cookies

This cookie is made from stiffer dough that is molded into balls or other shapes (wreaths, for example) before baking. Almond crescents are an example of molded cookies.

Type 4: No-Bake Cookies

Yes, there is such a thing! A “faux” cookie, is a kind of candy-cookie hybrid. Most common are known as Rice Krispies Treats.

Type: 5 Pressed Cookies

Pressed cookies are made from soft dough that is extruded from a cookie press (cookie gun) or pastry tube into various decorative shapes. Spritz cookies are an example.

Type 6: Refrigerator Cookies or Ice Box Cookies

This is another stiff dough, but is refrigerated in logs until it becomes hard. Then sliced into rounds and baked. Most common are shortbreads and pinwheels.

Type 7: Rolled Cookies

Most popular dough that’s made, chilled, and then rolled out. Can be cut into many shapes with a cookie cutter, knife or pastry wheel. Sugar Cookies and Gingerbread men are an example. Check out this recipe: Lemon & Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookie

Type 8: Sandwich Cookies

These cookies have been the most popular as of late. They are rolled or pressed cookies that are assembled as a sandwich with a sweet filling: frosting, ganache, jam, marshmallow crème, and peanut butter crème, etc. The whoopie pie, made of two soft cookies with a vanilla creme filling, is an example (as is the iconic Oreo creme sandwich). French macaroons, two macaroons filled with a layer of ganache, are perhaps the most elegant example. Some inspiration from Bottega Louie, Downtown Los Angeles.

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