About Me

I’m a mother, a wife, a daughter, and friend that loves to travel, shop, cook, bake, and entertain!

I’ve been with my husband for 9 years and still going… He’s my best friend. We have our ups and downs, happiness and sadness, yet we’re still learning and growing…

We have a beautiful daughter name Julianna Kaylynne. Because of her, i’ve grown and continue to learn so much everyday. God really put her in our lives to teach us and show us his unconditional love. That same love, we have for our little girl. She’s fun, loving, goofy, smart, can be stubborn, yet independent, and at the end of the day… she’s everything to me.

Thanks to my husband who’s been inspired to blog for his own, he has encouraged me to keep a record of my own journal and adventures… so here I am.

Always looking for inspiration from all around and using it to help create my own… Hope you enjoy!